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Buddhist Philosophy and Methodology



Engaging Engagements with Engaging Buddhism

Collaborations with Tibetan Colleagues in Research

Openness, Commitment and the Problem of the Archimedean Fulcrum



Hume as a Western Madhyamika 061115

Hume’s Constructive Pyrrhonian Skepticism with Regard to Reason


Self and Subjectivity in Colonial India: AC Mukerji and KC Bhattacharyya (with Nalini Bhushan)

Self and Subjectivity in Colonial India

KC Bhattacharyya on Self-Knoweldge

Solving Kant’s Problem- KC Bhattacharyya on Self-Knowledge

Review of A. Raghuramaraju, Philosophy and India: ancestors, 4 outsiders and predecessors

Review of Raghuramaraju

AC Mukerji

Who Knows What and How? wiht Jill de Villiers

Who KNows What and How_