Here are my planned trips and major commitments for the near future:


26-27 February Rutgers University Departments of Religion

1-4 March University of Tennessee, Knoxville Dept of Philosophy

11-22 March, Kyoto University

5-7 April, University of California, Santa Barbara Dept of Religion and Philosophy

8-12 April, APA Pacific Division meetings, San Francicsco

13-24 April, Visiting Professor, Berkeley Center for Buddhist Studies

25-26 April, San Francisco Zen Center

8-17 May Sravasti Abbey

28-31 May, Varela Seminar, Upāya Zen Center, Santa Fe

19-21 June Tibetan Buddhist Learning Center of North America

28 July-1 August NEH Institute on Hume in 21st Century, Portland State University

16-21 August, IABS Conference, Seoul